North Shore Dance Studio
North Shore dance studio

All NSDS families will be enrolled in the Monthly Auto-Pay Program
Payments will be deducted during the first week of each month.
In case of any closures or cancellations, NSDS will complete the month via Zoom classes.
No credits or refunds will be given.


Email is NSDS's primary method of communication. Please send them an email to so that you can get you entered into the system.

The studio will send you miscellaneous information throughout the year, as well as a monthly newsletter, so please be sure to check your e-mail often.



We are thrilled to have you with us for the dance season. Some of you may be new to the dance scene while others may have been around the block once or twice. Either way, we want everyone to be in the loop at NSDS.
Click here for some helpful tips and bits of information to help you during the upcoming dance season


Do you need a night out? Let the NSDS Babysitters Club help you out

Email and we can provide you a list of trustworthy, friendly students of NSDS who are great with kids of all ages! Be sure to speak with Katie as she can give you personalized information about your potential babysitter.


* Boys dance free for their FIRST semester.
This does not include costumes.


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